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What is vapen?

Vapen is another word for fumes, electronic smoking and e-smoking. This is done with an electronic cigarette, which again uses e-liquid. Also, Vapen is another trending term among the 4 20 day celebration in the cannabis industry. It is said to be the one of the best method of consumption of both the herb and its extracts.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also called e-cigarette, is a device that is intended as an alternative to analogue smoking. In short, an e-cigarette consists of a battery and a clearomizer.

The battery of an e-cigarette

The battery ensures that the electronics in the e-cigarette are supplied with power. An e-cigarette can use an internal battery, but e-cigarettes are also supplied with only a battery housing (also known as box mod). It is then still necessary to use an external (18650 or 21700) battery that you place in the battery housing.

The clearomizer of an e-cigarette

The clearomizer consists of a glass, a housing and a mouthpiece and is therefore the tank in which the liquid, also called e-liquid, enters. The clearomizer also contains another essential component; the coil. The coil ensures that the e-liquid is converted into vapor, which you can inhale again.

The coil of an e-cigarette

The coil consists of one or more metal coils, with cotton through it or around it. The cotton ensures that the e-liquid is absorbed. The coils of the coil are then, thanks to the power from the battery, heated and ensure that the e-liquid in the cotton is evaporated. The coil is also the part that needs to be replaced every now and then, as it wears out when using the e-cigarette.

The coil of an e-cigarette has a certain Ohm value. The Ohm value is simply the resistance that the coil offers. The lower the Ohm value, the lower the resistance. The lower the resistance, the faster the current from the battery flows through the coil, the faster the coil will become hot. Because the coil gets hot faster, it also generates faster and more vapor.

So in short: The lower the Ohm value, the more vapor.


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